Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Web as gaming platforms

In past weeks I'm experimenting with HTML5 technologies and found many difficulties in wondering how future web will be.
In particular, this article and pre-order phase of Ouya force me to think how web will be. Modern web technologies, in particular HTML5 will enable any type of devices to run a game: from consoles, web browsers, smart phones (take also attention to this news) and so on.
A more mature market will establish some kind of standards to handle today problems:
  • screen sizes,
  • controllers,
  • audio codecs,
  • full screen mode (desktop and mobile),
  • get remote resources,
  • utilities and libraries,
 This "standards"  could be anticipated in Gamemaker studio or some homemade solution, it doesn't matter. What matter is we need this standards now and today libraries could (must?) have as core point to converge into a common standard (facade patter anyone?) about what api a "modern web based game" could have.

Could this happen soon? I don't think so. Many people around are offering different type of api, libraries and new developers could only learn one, two but don't have possibilities to solve common problems using a "standard" api.

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