Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Drox Operative Beta

Drox Operative is Soldak's new game, currently in beta (my preview is based on 0.905 patch) and you can read my interview with Steven Peeler here.


First of all, Drox Operative is a game about you, your ship and your choices. No big empires to rule, no big stuff. Your point of view is always your ship, when you move, at last. You can use your ma and manage relation with other races. For an introduction on Drox see here.

My ship, Atlantis, fighting near a planet

Good points

Game is still in beta, meaning you can purchase it, but be aware: there are flaws! Anyway you can find much much gameplay in it. I've completed four sectors so far and game is satisfing and absolutely charming. It's summer, you know, but playing few hours in evenening is very relaxing, even if game is challenging!
You can wander, killing monster ships and more important take relation with races: solving quests, taking war with another races and so on.
Gameplay is set: you can find all elements and this is good, because Soldaks works now are in balance all together!

a not so exciting relation screen with humans

And not so good ones

There are some flaws, anyway. Most important is (for me), the interface: many useful screens but not so well organized. You have to take care of your ship and this part is good, but also find time to find stuff on the map, manage relations, take care of your inventory.
Another point is choice, at start, of your captain's race: in last patch was added some race specific bonuses and this will be expanded in next pacths (I hope so!)

Creare your ship!


Drox Operative is fun! You have a lot of choices and after learned how to play, all is nice and well done: I hope beta stage will help Soldak in find right balance because Drox is unique!

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