Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LudumDare and me

Ludum dare is an international competition to make in 48 hours a game and I've partecipated with four game so far (you can play it all using link here on blog!):
And it's fun to make a point about my partecipation on Ludum Dare ( points are from 1 to 5):

#LD19 - Random LD19 #LD20 - S.H.T.G.H #LD21 - Escape in 60 seconds #LD23 - Childhood toys
Overall 2.55 2.18 2.75 2.82
Community 3.08 2.67 3.06 -
6% 13% 100%
Audio 2.39 1.33 2.00 1.96
Theme 2.95 1.86 3.18 2.42
Innovation 3.35 2.50 2.21 2.13
Humor 1.55 1.36 1.48 2.00
Fun 2.10 1.86 2.67 2.66
Graphics 1.50 2.83 2.11 2.61
Mood - - - 3.11

From numbers to words

An important lession learned from this number is that my overall score is increasing, like my coolness (just play enough games from other users). Audio and innovation could be together in a game and I can match theme and fun together. I'm not an artist, so my graphics is always same. I'm not sure about humor, because childhood toys has nothing about humor.. I don't know!
About overall score again, my target could be 3.00 for next Ludum Dare, I just need to concetrate in polish my gme on audio side and with some new gameplay.

Take motivation from numbers

One important lesson I've learned from last LD is that to build a game in 48 hours you need a decent framework (Flashpunk is best for me, 4/4 of my entry are made with it) a "vision" of your work and solid gameplay in place.

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