Monday, March 5, 2012

Catch the cat

Catch the cat is a small Android game I wrote past months.
Gameplay is simple and fun: player must catch cat before ten seconds ends. Search fruits and avoid dogs.. but wait, time is running out!

legendary main screen

cat or fruit? only twelve seconds!

input your name, build highscore list and run for glory!

challenge your friends and bosses into epic run for glory!
Features list

- catch cats! avoid dogs! search fruit in a run against time for score!
- no internet connection required, no permissions
- locale highscore, challenge your friends and bosses everywhere!
- random generated levels, I mean, one, fast random level!


 It's a little game, you can download using this QR code:

grab a QR code reader and make a photo of me!

or just open this link and download apk!

IMPORTANT NOTE: because this game is an experiment, I offer no guarantee for it, okay? I'm not responsible for any damage on your phone. Anyway, code in simple and not dangerous!

READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD: if install fail is because this game is an experiment, please go to application and check "Install from untrusted certificate" and try again

Required: Android 1.6+ to run, tested for now on Android 2.2, 2.3.4, 2.3.6

Credit: Slick, Slick-AE, Kevin Glass fo graphics, I've made this not for money, so no problem, I guess

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