Monday, January 2, 2012

New year resolution

Time to a check of my hobby. Last year my idea was to develop new games (5) and get a new partecipation to Ludum Dare (with Escape in 60 seconds) and port MarteEngine to stable state (to be done! ).
Not so good!


I've developed only four games:

Summon Heroes To Go Home

Goblin Invasion

Escape in 60 seconds   

All these games are different in scope and mechanics, but Fuzzy is my best attempt as platformer: now I can say I'm proud of it (and with 846 downloads are thid in my secret download list).


I'm always trying to develop new games and build prototypes is best way to do that, here some screenshots:

Pirate Adventures: search for treasures, defeat enemies

MarteEngine RougeLike Tutorial 11: yes, I will continue series!
A Puyo-Puyo Clone made with Java
A FourX Game

Because Zombie Employees works even if platform are falling!

Write a plan. Write a todo into your project directory, write ideas, everything. Then use online spritesheet to keep track of ideas and developing. Learn from your mistakes and play!


Develop at least one of this prototype and build 5 games in 2012. I can do that!

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