Monday, July 11, 2011

Goblin Invasion

This is just a little experiment into Rougelike universe

Suggestion: click with your mouse on game area to get focus
  • Your objective: kill all goblins
  • Your army: only you
  • Gotta kill em all!

  • WASD or arrows to move
  • R to reset a game
  • Move against a goblin to kill it
  • Collect potions to heal
Note: you need Java to play it!


I've found AsciiPanel, a library to build rougelike and I thought: why not? So development starts: 12 commits in 3 hours get this little rougelike working. A funny experience.. but why rougelike?
Because rougelike are everywhere!! Think about Diablo, Wow or older Muds.. every game can be described and de-maked as rougelike (even Doom as DoomRL).
I'm not rougelike experts, but I've always found interesting this little (?) crazy games with many potential and THE main core value: gameplay.
Rougelike have many defects (IMHO), like interface problem (Dwarf Fortress anyone?) but can be really, really interesting!

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