Saturday, June 25, 2011

Final answer to prevent piracy

On Jeff "Spiderweb" Vogel blog, I've found this interesting article about software piracy.
It's interesting because Jeff explain how (it's and indie developer) prevent piracy and his final statement is this:

"If you're an Indie developer, be nice to people. In the end, the ability to be nice is one of the best weapons you have. "

An important lesson, right? Maybe someone on "big" company should read and learn: protect a game with DRM system, keys, online activation or so on is a waste of time in first place, but can also let companies lost customers! This is unbelievable, but think about it: before buy a game, normally people with internet read review, mostly on major videogame sites, but many reads comments on forum. And what's happening is that many people don't want to mess with online activation or drm stuff. People out there wants only to play!

So go on Jeff and all indie developer: make great games, not great piracy protections!

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