Monday, November 29, 2010

Star Cleaner

StarCleaner is a little platformer created by RightAngleGames. Thomas (tommy on slick forum) decided to build a simple, little platformer in Java and obviously decided to use Slick.
Main idea for this game is that player control a little angel and need to collect all stars and then go back to sun or moon. Game is fun because you need to remember level structure when is day and then night (see screenshot!) jump around.
Well done!

He decided to use my MarteEngine code on Github, inspired from experience with Flashpunk in my last games. As he said on his blog, working with code from Advanced Platform Engine ported to Slick was really easy, and I'm happy too, because he send to me StarCleaner code, so this code will be merged into MarteEngine. Stay tuned!

Power of opensource :D

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