Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pong clone

Pong one piece of history in videogame and after all this time I've decided to build a little clone with Slick and my little library named Marte Engine.
My purpose is simple: learn from basic :D

Play now on Gamejolt!

Click here for source code (require Slick)

p.s: as you can see, I've learned how to build a little exe for my java slick games that launch client java and run the game, thanks to ExeJ

Update: 25/2/2011, Softpedia Certification


  1. Learning from the basics it's... well, basic. I did the same with SDL last summer, resulting in an unfinished Arkanoid Clone fused with Shmups mechanics. Then I started BL7 and stopped working on it...:P

    Anyway, I'm back at the flashpunk forums again, glad to see you're still working hard on making games fellow, that Pong looks good. See you around!

  2. see you :D
    anth thanks for comment :D

    see you on FP forum!