Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Advanced Platform Engine - by me

Last post I've talked about Advanced Platform Engine a nice idea from Noel on Flashpunk forums.
News today is that I've added some nice feature on top of APE, in particular:

- double jump (tnx to Maikel_Ortega)
- shoot (tnx to me)
- wall jump (tnx to me and ideas from here)
- added double jump/shoot/wall jump power up to editor and into Engine
You can click on image to play and remind that controls are:
- LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS, moves left and right
- X, jump
- X twice to double jump
- jump to wall then hit X to wall jump
- C, shoot

Download source code now

p.s: It's not a game, for now!

Quick update: last demo here, try it out!


  1. Hey, this engine is fantastic keep up the good work! It will help me get my indie project moving much faster.

  2. Thanks!

    I'm only a contributor, but I think that even now this engine can be useful :D