Thursday, July 1, 2010

Akihabara - Html5 Library

Akihabara is a Html5 library to build game that needs only your browser (a modern one, like Firefox 3.6, Chrome or IE8).
Screenshoot refeer to Legend of Sadness a cute Action Rpg reminds Zelda a lot and cool thing is that all this stuff running without any plugin: no flash, no bad stuff to download. Simply amazing!
I wonder if Html5's games development will be killed because Google put Flash into Chrome browser (and obviously in ChromeOs), but there are different view on this topic, right? (Steve Jobs, for example and his "crusade" against Flash).
From developer point of view (as I am) new frameworks, languages and platform can give to me first and then to my players new and simpler ways to do most important thing: play.

So, welcome Html5, welcome Java, welcome Flash!


  1. I don't believe Google is going to kill HTML5. Quite the contrary! Several Google products (e.g. GWT) are Javascript based and HTML5 has always been a hot topic at Google IO Con. Bye

  2. Hi and thanks for your comment :D
    My thought is that Google wants more people on his system: ChromeOS (point). Put flash into ChromeOs, after so many months talking about how cool is Html5 is admit that Flash is important NOW on web. I like this approach :D and my phrase is not so well formed, sorry :D