Saturday, April 24, 2010

Game Design thoughts

Is not a new topic for this blog, but i'm back on this topic to make a point on it.

Design a game is a hard task: if you want to build a good game, you need to think a lot and do-fail-do-again many time. This is what I've learned in this years.
But for do something in your life, something with a value for other people you need conviction: you need an idea and follow this idea, learn from your inevitable mistakes and keep working on it.
Just to be more practical, in these months I've build a folder on my system with many files (mind-maps usually) with all ideas my brain generate. It's a common way of professional writer to note every idea, is not important how much crazy is it, and think about later.
But to design something, in this case a videogame, you really need organization. It's a difficult topic to explain, because every person are different and anyone have it's style.
So what?
So.. here my little rules:

- write everything, use paper, notepad mind maps, but write every idea. Write is the first thing to do something!
- design is not a waste of time, but use it properly! Search on the net and learn from others mistakes!
- make something new, do same think again and again is boring and tedious work will kill everything that you we'll ever do!
- share your ideas, keep secrets is matter of spy, not of game developer. Share, take feedback, be open with your mind, give everyone a chance to improve your ideas!

(will continue in a article in the future, maybe :D.. )

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