Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flashpunk Jump Contest

It's time to JUMP!!!

Tecnology: Flashpunk any version, working with Flash Player 10.x

Theme: Jump! Your game must be constructed around this concept. Be creative, be smart, be crazy, but JUMP!!

Start: 20/04/2010

Deadline: 20/05/2010

Contest winners announcements: 31/05/2010

Final pack: working online swf (swfcabin.com ormegaswf.com or kongregate.com or gamejolt.com I don't care, but must be online) AND source code in a zip file, with flashdevelop or flex builder project and all assets.

License: all your work must be MIT-Licensed with source code available

Language: English only. In-game text, instructions, credits and so on must be in English.

Min: at least 5 partecipant in total

Max: at max 20 partecipant in total



My idea is that everyone want to partecipate simply reply!

How Judge?

Everyone want to judge Please let me know. I think that we need 3 judge, including me.


Only glory.. and a kiss from ChevyRay (i don't promise nothing ) Maybe ChevRay can ads this contest on flashpunk site ?

How i will be evaluated?

Point from 1 (poor) to 5 (good) on this category:

Presentation: graphics, sound/music, instructions,
Fun: it's game balanced good? It's fun to play ? or after 2 play will be forgotten?
Gameplay: mechanics are clear? gameplay help fun?
Story: there is a story? it's a good story? can i like it?

How can i partecipate?

Write on this discussion, let me know what do you think and sign with your:

Programmer name:
Name of the game:
Url of the game:

Your english is terrible!

I know.. but if you understand me .. let's partecipate

Can i work in team?

You can work alone, in team, in 1000 people

What do you think?

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