Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Always code...

.. as you area ducking-programmer :D
Seriusly as programmer i'm not a duck: it's really difficult to be a good programmer, but in general what do you think about ducking-programming ?
It's a waste of time, like cowboy programmer said?


  1. Programming is hard. (Good) Programmers are underestimated. Unfortunately, there are a lot of crap programmers out there because employers believe one can teach himself programming in 24 hours and, as a consequence, they give the job to incompetent (in programming) people. On the other side, decent programmer are rare (too many people prefer to study economics). Nevertheless they are not well-paid :(
    I believe everyone should have programming skills at some level. Programming should be thought to economists and sociologists, too. I am working on IT projects with people who can't program a line of code, but they dare to know what must be done. Isn't it foolish that leading roles in IT projects are given to economists and sociologists? Why? Perhaps because managing something they can't manage is the only way for them to make a living.
    Programming should be a basic skill everyone should have like making sums or understanding written text. I think that (good) programming is not a technical thing, it is a way to tell your ideas, like a piece of music or a novel.
    I am not a good programmer, but I am not so bad. I would like to be better at programming. I am practicing :P
    ciao Marco

  2. Simplicity is magic, KISS is my flag (hopefully). I don't think that anyone can be a programmer: need some kind of will to understand and solve problems, no?