Monday, March 29, 2010

Din's curse demo

Din's Curse demo is out. I've wrote about this game some times ago, about quest systems.
After some hours of playing I'm in a sort of equilibrium between boring and excitements.

+ fast games,
+ addictive gameplay,
+ every new game, a new character, new abilities, new possibilities to explore,
+ easy to learn, hard to master (for now a good point),
+ player can choose difficulty of every new town,
+ failing quest will cause real consequences, but in demo this seems to be "blocked": many quest you can play don't have consequences beyond the solve/give me xp solutions..
+ no scroll for teleporting to town
+ during dungeon exploration you can see fights between monsters,
+ bestary,

- only one town, no surroundings area to explore,
- only one big dungeon with many underground levels,
- no talk-tree to any npc (Din's, a god, don't say anything special.. and have cursed you! )
- no customizable hero (face, hair and so on.. nothing),
- no customizable background for hero: nothing from player past life affect gameplay
- static npc
- anti-climati world (see discussion on Soldak Forum)

a game to play? YES! go and download demo now!

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