Friday, February 26, 2010

Zombie employee - v0.4

(See original post and first update and second update)

A zombie employee wants to escape from a bad boss and cumbersome and tedious tasks. Do you wanna to help him?

Ten (yes, 10 !) new levels, blood, new puzzles, an user interface: now Zombie Employee is playable from everyone, just try out here:

How muche deaths separe you from the end of your Zombie Employee's task?

As always some random notes:
- 20 new levels,
- spikes covered by your blood when you death,
- death counter = less is better!
- use R to reload when stuck on a level, remember reload count as death!
- all old level revised (thanks to Daniela, Zo, Flavio, Fabiano and all my playtesters!) + 10 new challenging levels,
- and game analisys
- on GameJolt and Kongregate
and Newgrounds

Programming stuff:
- now is a generic class for Player ( Euro's ( and, take care of gravity stuff
- for image, text, constants,
- is just a factory to
- all levels are now stored into "data/levels" as level0.txt, level1.txt and so on..
- in you can turn on level editor, still in development, use:
- left-click of mouse to place current piece on screen,
- C to cycle throught pieces
- L to re-load currente level definition,
- P to print current level definition (like in level0.txt) into trace debug output,

You can download source code here:

To get source code, clik here:

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