Thursday, December 17, 2009

A game design approach: online mindmap - update

Exploring mind42 site, i've found how to insert mindmaps into blog, here current mind map:

Use mouse to move, wheel (or zoom in/out toolbar) to zoom in/out, explore notes to understand: suggestions are welcome!


  1. I haven't understood how you are going to use mindmaps. I mean, is it just a way to take notes and track ideas or do you want to represent facts about games structurally? Some time ago (more or less a year ago) I sent you an email about some guys who were building a taxonomy of RPGs and video games. Their taxonomy was very similar to your mind map and was an attempt to represent the knowledge about RPGs in general and in the abstract. It was a sort of framework to analyse games in their functional and structural components. I don't know if it can be useful somehow. Bye Marco

  2. Hi Marco and thanks for your post :D

    I'm going to use mind map to build a design document for a platformer game, not general thing.
    Main idea is to write a videogame that someone care and help to design, but to do this i need some feedback about my ideas.
    Your idea are welcome, if you want to edit and help me to do this mindmap.

    Taxonomy is something more general and useful, if you have the link, please share it :D

  3. I found the link:
    At the moment it seems down.
    As far I remember, the Game Ontology is a classification of different concepts common to every RPG. For instance, there was a category for "time" followed by a list of all the possibile ways in which one can "implement" the concept of "time" in a RPG.
    It could be a useful blueprint for a complete description of the game you are going to realize, a sort of vocabulary or whatever else... ciao Marco

  4. I see that today the site is up, thanks for the link!