Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tonypa platformer

Past months i've worked on a little platformer with Java and Slick, following Tonypa tutorial.

You can try this example by Java Webstart, simply click on image (need Java installed on your system to run):





Finally i've something to show, i need feedback, in particular:

- how do you feel movements? are right for you? If not, why?
- how does it work on your system? is slow or fast? what os/cpu/graphic card do you have?
- is jump too high or too slow for you?
- any suggestions

Remember: this is only a "tech demo" of a future platformer, you can find discussion on slick forum, with link to source code and much more!


  1. Tested:
    Windows version

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP 3
    Intel Core 2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66 GHz/2.00 Gb RAM

    Movements are fluent, input are well catched. When you reach the top of the jump you feel somehow bounded because you cannot modify the course by pressing arrows keys.

  2. Tested on win vista. Ok with me.
    Movements are smooth and natural.
    The plot is just a bit boring, but more interesting and exciting than "Porta a Porta" :)
    ciao Marco