Wednesday, June 3, 2009

From Java to Flash

Left for now gameplay discussions, i'm ready to put something together.
I choose Flash and in particular ActionScript3, because let me easy to share my example, work and so on.
I've used Java for my first two works: i really like java, but when i say to someone "hey, watch here my work", and see a webstart or worse, a download say "download.. noo, i don't have time".
And they have right!
We are on internet and you must have something that everyone can see and play: so why not flash?
So here i start from Java to Flash, because:
- everyone have Flash (sorry linux, but .. linux is not everyone for now..),
- flash is easy: click, play, forget,
- million of example on the net!

Why actionscript 3? Because i can programming it with Flex Builder a simple enviroment build on Eclipse: are you programming in java using Eclipse? Then flex builder is for you!

Soon i hope i will put here something :D

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