Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Simply.. beautiful.. and hard :D
Your man (green one) can copy itself.. and try to hit the box and go to next level.. but not everything is so easy.

I like idea, and style: music, graphics, collisions detection, gravity, and copy system: when player copy itself, copy mantain movement.. so if player copy when its moving, copy will continue to move :D
Difficulty is hard on level 7.. but its a puzzle game, right?
I'm thinking how is possibile to improve the concept, in particular:

- multiplayer? I think that multiplayer can destroy boxmen equilibrium: i'm a player, alone in my room, with my boxmen. Stop. But if.. if another player can control copy of a "central player"? What type of game is possibile?
- achievements! this can be really fun.. secret levels (!!), gold, silver, bronze medal, statistics and maybe record of other player games.. like a ghost-race? and if i can vote another innovative way to solve a level?
- more big levels? Scrolling feature, multiple possible endings?
- more movement for player and boxmen --> this can be really fun
- collecting something? Like diamonds for a score? I don't know.. but it can be really fun, no?

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