Thursday, November 26, 2015

CryptoRL2 - update 0.8

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A quick update for my roguelike, CryptoRL2 !

In this version:
  • added fullscreen option (F2)
  • add logo in main page, add images for buttons
  • add random blood pool around level (1%, from 1 to 10)
  • add monster rat, random wander around, weak
  • add monster snake, random wander around, weak
  • improved interface
  • improved instructions
  • added basic sound effects
  • added music by jonhillman

Play now

Saturday, November 7, 2015

CryptoRl 2

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CryptoRL2 is a graphical roguelike, sequel for my CryptoRL!

As you can see now with improved graphics all made by me and following features:

  • fight for life in randomly generated dungeons,
  • permadeath
  • health potions, invisibility scrolls, torchs and traps
  • 3 type of monsters: spiders, stygian birds, aberration

Are you able to find a way back to your home?

Play it now (run on windows/linux/mac, require Java )

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Wargame - a simple AI experiment

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My focus in this experiment was to find a proper way to define a simple (very simple!) AI (without a better term, I refer on this limited example as AI) with goal to find and destroy opposing (player or AI) warriors.In order to do so, I've defined AI as a player that each turn:

  • for every units, build a list of possible moves,
  • rank moves using an utility funtion,
  • select first move for every unit and make it 

Build a list of possible moves

This could be a big problem and my quick solution was to analyze every cell around a single unit, check if is possible to move into it or attack another unit and define move according to these options.
In this limited case I choosed to have only two possible moves: MOVE or ATTACK. This of course simplify a lot number of moves and because AI is centralized and decide for every unit in a cycle, it's a simple algorithm. Simple but effective!

Rank moves using utility function

The key point of ranking is decide which factors impact on every unit. Because goal for AI is hard-coded and decided by me, it's simply: move near enemy and attack. So like you can realize, it's only a matter to rank better (think values between 0 and 1) attack moves and then moves, like:

  • if my unit can attack, utility = 0.6
  • if my unit can move and attack next turn, utility = 0.4
  • if my unit can move, utility = 0.2

About second point, it's possible because there is another analisis under the hood that try to see if after move there is a possible attack move.
Many factors could be added, like attack first hurted enemy units or rank enemy units by danger (in this example I have only warriors for both sides).. but hey, I want to make it simple!

Another key point is to use influence map to guide "blind moves" for AI units. Influence map is again a simple concept: for every enemy unit, just compute a map of influence of these units, starting from a max value of 100 from unit position and downgrade this value to 0, like in this image:

After assign utility value, ranking move is really simple!

Select first move

After ranking AI pick first move for unit and execute it and this is really surprising.. it's working! And in following small gif animation you can see two opposing AI fighting each other

See open source code on github

Play it now

Friday, September 4, 2015

CryptoRl - postmortem

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Roguelikes are not game for anyone! A lot of characters on screen, user interface don't help you and in the same time your are curious: what is going on ?

My take on roguelikes have a long start... four years ago with a little experiment, Goblin Invasion. It's not a game and it's not working anymore, but is a start as player and developer to understand these games. What is going on under the hood ?

I've started playing more roguelikes, forget about graphics and think about mechanics: what is cool? How to implement that ? And then Notch (do you remember? Minecraft before Microsoft.. ) develop for LudumDare Prelude of the Chambered.It's incredible how much you cand do, if you want and in small amount of time!

Then finally some decent roguelike tutorials from Trystan!

So I've started to use my library, MarteEngine (see Drone Defense, Fuzzy) to develop a little roguelike, here last MarteEngine roguelike tutorial.

But.. I was missing the point: understand the basics. So I've created CryptoRl, with some limitations on my mind:

  • small in scope: 3 type of monsters, 3 items
  • few mechanics: attack, get item from ground, use it
  • small iterations, develop quickly
  • no graphics
So here we are. CryptoRl is completed, now it's time to think again something with graphics and more gameplay?

What went right

  • small scope: don't do too much, I have a lot of ideas, but .. keep it simple! (stupid, kiss :P)
  • quick iterations: release somenthing, request for feedback, but as developer "see" your project working and growing is rewarding
  • use a TODO list, note ideas, but keep organized: first bugs, then TODO and finally IDEAS

What went wrong

  • interface: I don't like characters only interface, using mouse could help a lot to figure out what is going on!
  • animation: many roguelikes demonstrate that today I can develop a game with simple graphics, but few animations can help a LOT

Now it's time to collect ideas and move to a new project!

Friday, August 28, 2015

CryptoRl - release 1.0

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 Adventure into a dark cave world alone and fine your way back yo your home city, Kelmera!

CryptoRl is a old-style roguelike with few levels and a lot of roguelike fun.



  •     random generated caves: a new adventure every level!
  •     3 type of monsters, with 3 different behaviours (attack you on sight, wandering, flee if too weak)
  •     3 items to keep you alive
  •     run for 5 caves and return to Kelmera!

Download here

In order to run CryptoRl you must have installed Java 1.8 on your system