Saturday, April 16, 2016

Game research - 4x and card game mix

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In last weeks I've been trying to figure out a good idea for my next game and I'd like to create a mix between 4x games and card games.
Imagine a game like civilization, where you have a lot of micro management.. and remove that micro management with cards players can play and order to explore a new zone or create a new colony.

paper prototype!

So I've created a little paper prototype and found fun and interesting! A looot work to do, bus seems promising!

I have build a little google module to get feedback from everyone, it requires only 5 minutes:

I will share results with every participants!

Thanks for your time!

Monday, April 4, 2016

CryptoRL - version 1.0 is out!

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Hello everyone! A major step for my roguelike, CryproRL 2, now at version 1.0 !!

In this version:

  •     add new items: sword (+1 attack) and shield (+1 defense)
  •     From Archifenix: put in menu screen that using F2 you can go fullscreen
  •     BUG From Archifenix: the text at the top is blocked from view until you repeat the same action a few times (fighting an aberration for example resulted in health being lost but the text only scrolling into view after the third or so hit)
  •     BUG from Pavel Provotorov: Sounds when the player/monster recieves damage    
  •     BUG from Pavel Provotorov: Adding health bars to mosters. The combat is hard without those
  •     added new monsters: Fungus, Shade, Ring, Formian, RedFlame, BlueFlame
  •     level balancing for new monsters

Sunday, March 13, 2016

CryptoRL 2 - update 0.10

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Hello everyone! A new quick update for my little roguelike, CryptoRl2 !

You can see in preview update some graphical changes, for more info here is release notes:

  •     BUG    avoid monsters next to the player on dungeon generation
  •     BUG    by Archifenix: "Players pick up and feels a lot better (+10 HP)" does not actually give you the 10 HP. There was not even a visual health bar change.
  •     BUG        Found a bug by Archifenix: Finally, the README is incomplete. "CryptoRl 2 is a cave-dungeon roguelike based on Crypto setting [1], setting in a dark underterrain world full of monsters." Footnote [1] is never provided. And the word "setting" appears twice in a row.
  •     added efffect support and shake effect suggested by ArchRylen
  •     when torch is used, updated alphamap
  •     removed block trap
  •     added step indicator
  •     updated tileset following Saltgames tutorial:

Play now!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CryptoRL v0.9

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Another update for my small roguelike, CryptoRl2

This time I've worked most of the time on bug hunting and add some nice light effect. I think result is good (not perfect, but good!) and add atmosphere to the game, what do you think ?

Version 0.9 features:
  •     added darker effect for already seen tiles
  •     in game now it's possibile to exit using ESC
  •     BUG solved impassable trap after activating it
  •     first hand made tileset and automatic tileset handling
  •     added transitions between states
  •     BUG    hide welcome message after first level
  •     BUG    fix blood pool rendering
  •     BUG fix double click on menu buttons
  •     BUG fixed bug on start button
  •     BUG fix objects layer (now same as entities)
  •     first draft of lighting system
  •     added squared alpha blend
  •     BUG fix camera bug
  •     BUG    avoid traps too near during generation

Play now

Monday, February 1, 2016


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Nativium is a RTS/Civilization game developer by Andrea Perrello, Jacopo Zincarini, Luca Brandonisio as university project and made with MarteEngine, Slick and Lwjgl !

Concept is simple: you have small resources and in order to survive you have to build your economy, keep your people happy and survive. It's similar to Civilization series and, unlike many commercial or university project, comes with a lot of class diagrams, explanations and a nice installation guide.

I'm proud of this work confirms our efforts with MarteEngine as library to develop small, medium project!

Well done boys!