Monday, September 15, 2014

Mojang and Microsoft - a tale of a man

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Seems unbelievable, but Notch's selling Mojang to Microsoft. Here the news.

Mojang are behind Minecraft and this little game is just incredible. But I'm not here (after so much time) because of this, but because of this:
As soon as this deal is finalized, I will leave Mojang and go back to doing Ludum Dares and small web experiments. If I ever accidentally make something that seems to gain traction, I’ll probably abandon it immediately.
Considering the public image of me already is a bit skewed, I don’t expect to get away from negative comments by doing this, but at least now I won’t feel a responsibility to read them.
I’m aware this goes against a lot of what I’ve said in public. I have no good response to that. I’m also aware a lot of you were using me as a symbol of some perceived struggle. I’m not. I’m a person, and I’m right there struggling with you. (I'm leaving..)
 There is something behind: a man. A man with a lot of money right now, but always a man.
Just yesterday I saw for the first time "Citizen Kane" and for me Notch is the indie-Kane. A symbol, a giant, but always a man. And before become something too big, too strange, he just quit.

Seems incredible, but now Notch, you can do anything you want, not we want you to do.

This is freedom, what do you think?

Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm back, some sort of it

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Hi world! I'm back, some sort of "back", with some news. Nothing awesome, much time right now is for work and for fun around, so this my 2 new projects:

Galaxy Artifacts

Galaxy Artifacts is a 4x game. You control an entire race, trying to conquer an entire galaxy!

You will be assimilated
  4x games are hard to do, but I like whole idea, so let's try!

Github code here 


Nice name, uh? Anyway, this is my idea: drop any framework around and build a simple 2vs2 battle against computer controlled computer player. You have 2 units: an archer and warrior.

Player are blues and enemies are reds

So far works is good (IMHO) and I like idea of a small "playground" for ai. And I've found google guava a nice library to handle user and computer events.

Github code here

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dwarf fortress: Into Tarn's mind

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Dwarf Fortress is a game about everything: simulate, interact and conquer a fantasy world. Ambitious? Impossible? I don't know. For sure fascinating!

not native graphics...
this is Dwarf fortress!

But this is not a review of Dwarf Fortress, instead just a tip: read this interesting discussion on reddit between Tarn Adams and community.
Questions are all interesting and Tarn aswered to most of them, I've build this little word cloud to get trac of most interesting one:

created with Wordle
I'm a fan of DF, but lack of graphics (minimal!) and horrible UI (menus are impossible to use) it's a wall to any temptation to waste time on it. I'm surprised that these words are not on word cloud!

Anyway, try it Dwarf Fortress is great!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Gravity duck tribute - first build

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You can find my last game here

It's a duck, that inverse gravity, you know..
Disclaimer: I'm not original creator of Gravity Duck concept, you can find original here, purpose of this test is make a tribute to a great puzzle platform game!

So let's begin: use arrows to move duck and X to inverse gravity

Why develop this game? Because I love platformers and puzzle games and Gravity Duck is a perfect example of both. As indie developer it's a good exercise: develop my graphical (yeah, even animations!), level design and programming skills is awesome!

Duck loves eggs, you know...

So let me know what do you think and remember this is just a test build, not final game!

  • an awesome puzzle platfomer game involving change of gravity,
  • 15 levels of fun!
  • enemies and strange devices.. you should soon explore new surfaces to run,
  •  a beta build, so you can give me feeedback!
Play it here!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ludum Dare 25: my results - aka a Postmortem

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See my entry page here. Seems people like big Cthulhu smashing cities, after all!
Here my results


The "good thing" is CataCthulhu is above 2 (on 5 max) on all categories, with a good 3.34 on Theme! Yeah!

What went right

- idea in few minutes,
- simple graphics,
- simple mechanics,
- not too much time on it,
- the "splat" sfx
- 100% coolness, played and rated a lot of  other games!

What went wrong

- player need an objective, not only destroy cities,
- must work on collision with pixel masks, some (again!) problem with it

See you on next LD!